In today’s Telegraph, John Major, still very much the Tory partisan, argues for Labour to rule out a deal with the SNP. This makes perfect sense for the Tories, since it would remove one significant means of Labour forming a minority government. In the meantime, the Tories are working hard on the Lib Dems for.. read more →

03 Feb 2015
February 3, 2015

Chilcot Report bollocks


Some Labour opponents would like to see the Chilcot Report published before the election because they think it’ll harm Labour. Labour also says it wants the report published but knows it won’t be. Chilcot says he’s not ready to publish. It’s quite obvious that the delay is not due to Tony Blair or any other politician.. read more →

On his BBC Andrew Marr  interview this morning (Sunday), Alastair Campbell paused significantly for breath and in order to constrain tears when asked about Tony Blair’s honesty. For The Evening Standard‘s Paul Waugh this was a repeat of Campbell’s C4 moment, when the latter stormed the studio shortly before the news and demanded to be allowed.. read more →

I spent a couple of years as Tony Blair’s rep at the Party of European Socialists (PES).  It was led then, as now, by former Danish PM Poul-Nyrup Rasmussen.  There’s been some kind of law passed in Denmark requiring every Danish PM to be called Rasmussen (they’re on their third one on the trot, and.. read more →