01 Apr 2012
April 1, 2012

Privacy and Injunctions

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Today’s Sunday Herald has dedicated its front page to one of the conclusions of the Houses of Parliament Privacy and Injunctions Committee, of which I was a member. The recommendation is that privacy injunctions granted by the English High Court should automatically apply in Scotland, which has a separate legal system. I was absent, for.. read more →

Judge Judge’s comments re: injunctions and Twitter are naturally an intelligent and decent attempt by the Lord Chief Justice to begin to deal with the legal trickinesses presented by social media.  Ultimately, though, he’s a long way behind the technological curve. Hilarious and opportunistic (obv not like the rest of us) lawyers have added comedy.. read more →

The papers today are filled with comment on the implications of the Twittersphere’s response to UK superinjunctions.  There’s a lot of comment on how the originator of THAT Twitter account, and others, can expect to be identified and have legal action taken against them.  One omnipresent media lawyer is quoted in The Independent, and probably.. read more →

18 Mar 2011
March 18, 2011

Tweeters Kickarse of BNP

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The BNP event planned for tomorrow (see my last post) has been cancelled by the venue owners, @MacDonaldHotels following a huge and super-rapid effort by Tweeters. Full credit to MacDonald Hotels (who had not been told of the nature of the event until Tweeters let them know) for taking immediate action. And who tweeted their.. read more →

The All Party Group on the Digital Economy is up and running at Westminster and we’ve started to put together a plan of events and briefings.  Our website will go live shortly but, in the meantime,  I thought I’d use this blog to flag up a meeting at the House of Commons on 27th July.. read more →