Gordon Brown has made a veiled attack (Daily Telegraph, but ‘veiled’ is used across the media including in the Guardian) on Jeremy Corbyn. So that literally means the ‘attack’ was intentionally hidden from most people who don’t obsess over the daily papers, right? Why the studied ambivalence? Well, the former pm is seeking to provide tokenistic.. read more →

20 Sep 2014
September 20, 2014

A lie won’t fly


Scots voted No, in the end, on a ‘vow’ of greater devolution. Every Scot I have spoken to understands that the promised transfer of power can only take place if the books are balanced and Scots no longer legislate on England-only matters; this is manifestly part of the deal. If the UK government, Tory or.. read more →

This week’s Sunday Telegraph includes an interview given by prime minister David Cameron to political columnist Matt D’Ancona.  The piece says the pm’s expressed determination to serve until 2020  has ‘quashed’ the idea that in the event of a Tory win in 2015 there would be a Tory leadership contest well before the following election… read more →

I received a lot of emails on the back of my last blog post about last week’s failed leadership coup by Geoff Hoon and Pat Hewitt.  Thanks for those. You can also listen to more of what I said about it on R4’s Today program. The Scotland on Sunday asked me to write a piece on the.. read more →