Today’s lead news in the UK is the arrest of Wikileaks (which is actually not a ‘wiki’ at all, ironically) founder Julian Assange.  He’s been arrested following allegations of sexual assault in Sweden and it’s important to separate that from other allegations that he may have broken other laws by publishing leaked US Government information. Or.. read more →

05 Dec 2010
December 5, 2010



There are three general lines of thought expressed around the Wikileaks saga. The first is condemnatory. Governments, led by the US, say Julian Assange and his colleagues are risking the lives of others and  damaging the effectiveness of international diplomacy in respect of some of the trickiest parts of the world. The second is laudatory;.. read more →

There’s been quite a bit of comment (#deact on twitter) about Gordon Brown’s appointment to the Board of the Web Foundation. It’s been mainly negative, on account of the fact that that the DE Act is viewed by many as being a bit, er, rough around the edges.  It’s passage in the Commons was certainly.. read more →

The All Party Group on the Digital Economy is up and running at Westminster and we’ve started to put together a plan of events and briefings.  Our website will go live shortly but, in the meantime,  I thought I’d use this blog to flag up a meeting at the House of Commons on 27th July.. read more →