Un député va transmettre des informations au sujet de sociétés fictives au Serious Fraud Office List of shell companies FRENCH Dans le plus récent d’une série de communiqués au sujet des gains extraordinaires réalisés aux dépens du peuple congolais, Eric Joyce a publié aujourd’hui une liste de 59 sociétés fictives qui ont acquis des biens de.. read more →

More evidence of wholesale asset-stripping in the Congo.  Read my press-release first then view details of 45 shell companies and some of the people involved. DRC shell companies In the latest of a series of releases detailing bumper windfalls made at the expense of the Congolese people, Eric Joyce today has published a list of.. read more →

Shell companies in the BVI and South Africa continue to drain Congo’s wealth.  Read my press release below first, documenting how more billions have disappeared from the Congo.   The Ugandan Lake Albert oil developments are set to yield billions while the DRC side remains on the starting blocks thanks to the less-than-mysterious sale of.. read more →

New documents provide further details of undervaluation of state assets, sold to off shore ‘shell’ companies at a loss of $1B to the Congolese people. Documents appear to show, in addition, the transfer of $10,000,000  from state company Sodomico to a 2011 election fund by Congo Mines Minister Martin Kabwelulu. Letters from Laurent Kangoa, CEO of.. read more →

I’m chair of the All Party African Great Lakes Group (www.africangreatlakes.com), with over 200 MPs and Lords we’re one of the largest and most active groups at the UK parliament.For some time, I’ve been working on the issue of the alleged underpriced sale by the government of the DRC of billions of dollars worth of.. read more →

12 Sep 2010
September 12, 2010

Foreign Policy and Gender-based Violence


In late July and early August, 500 Congolese women and children were systematically raped, mainly in a village called Luvungi. The reports mainly miss out the name of the group who orchestrated this latest in a long line of seemingly never-ending atrocities.  They’re called the FDLR and so far the international community has been completely.. read more →