I remember, when I voted in the Gender Recognition Act  (2004), saying to colleagues of both genders in the ‘Aye’ lobby that the Iraq Conflict was masking the profundity of the legislation were were passing. I’ve written about this before. Labour MPs’ purpose is to reduce structural inequality in society, with gender, social class and.. read more →

Kezia Dugdale’s getting a kicking for going on Sleb. She needn’t worry. She’s done her porridge leading the Scottish Labour Party at a terrible time, she’s a capable young woman and she’s earned the right to be cut a bit of slack and strike out in a new career direction. Obviously, she won’t stick around.. read more →

I wrote this last week. I’ve chatted to a few folk since then whose views, I think, are primarily led by the fact that they don’t believe Boris Johnson’s words on the subject could possibly be anything other than a balls-up.  Well, I don’t disagree that BJ has ballsed-up big-time before by being too casual.. read more →

I’ve just stepped down at the end of my 4-year term on the body responsible for signing the UK up to the very worthwhile Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). As I’d spent years watching NGOs appoint a succession of exclusively white (like me), London-based men who just happened to be paid staff of those very NGOs, I.. read more →

Yesterday, UK government minister Rory Stewart fleshed out the UK’s new extrajudicial killing policy. He said that that the only way to deal with hundreds of British citizens who’ve left to fight with Isis, and remain out there somewhere, is to kill them.  This was immediately backed up by UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon and, making.. read more →

Since various folk have ruled themselves out, it seems that Anas Sarwar and Richard Leonard will contest the Scottish Labour leadership. Here’s a few thoughts based upon a little experience rather than any insider knowledge (at all!). Anas Sarwar seemed to me in parliament pretty much like he seems to everyone else now. He’s charming,.. read more →

Tomorrow morning (16th), renowned Scottish author Andrew O’Hagan will give a keynote speech at the Edinburgh Literary Festival in which he will change fundamentally his position on Scottish independence. Readers here will be able to follow this across the media. Andrew has kindly agreed to write what follows for Fromnotoyes.Scot and we publish this tonight.. read more →

I blogged about How the dead vote a few years ago. I’ve just Googled the subject and see that, for some reason, The Daily Telegraph paid a bloke to write essentially the same piece, quoting some professor or other, a few years later. In view of Stephen Gethin MP winning by 2 votes in North East Fife.. read more →

Here’s the leader of the largest party of opposition in Scotland in the uniform of a British Army Full Colonel. She’s celebrating an honour made public by the Army on Armed Services Day for maximum publicity. At a time when national security is at the apex of all our priorities, and is therefore the main.. read more →

My partner says The Kelpies are great and that I should lay off them. And I like to drive past them at night when they’re upllit at the side of the A9. And I don’t say we could have spent the money on hospital machines or something, because public art’s important. But in spite of.. read more →