12 Jan 2018
January 12, 2018

Time’s Narrow


This tweet by Matt Smethurst, along with its many amazing replies, reflects brilliantly a conversation I’ve often had with my partner and I’m sure lots of other folk have with theirs. This is that time seems mainly a psychological matter rather than, if I may, an ontological one. Time alternately elongates and squishes up depending upon.. read more →

Bob Kerslake is a former head of the UK civil service. Uniquely, he arrived in that job following a long career in local authorities. His stellar rise as a UK public service administrator in both local authorities and central government is unparalleled. Until last week, in addition to serving as a crossbench peer, he was.. read more →

Kezia Dugdale’s getting a kicking for going on Sleb. She needn’t worry. She’s done her porridge leading the Scottish Labour Party at a terrible time, she’s a capable young woman and she’s earned the right to be cut a bit of slack and strike out in a new career direction. Obviously, she won’t stick around.. read more →

A few years ago, the cops rang me and told me I’d been the subject of a death threat. They said a small group of antivivisection activists a long way from my constituency had set a building alight and when arrested at home had a shortish list of people they planned to kill. I was.. read more →

I wrote this last week. I’ve chatted to a few folk since then whose views, I think, are primarily led by the fact that they don’t believe Boris Johnson’s words on the subject could possibly be anything other than a balls-up.  Well, I don’t disagree that BJ has ballsed-up big-time before by being too casual.. read more →

Boris Johnson is under attack for referring to a British/Iranian woman under jail sentence in Iran as having been training journalists there on behalf of her employer, the Thomson Reuters Foundation. It may be notable, though, that the papers are putting inverted commas around the word ‘mistake’. Whatever the truth of the matter, if you’re.. read more →

I’ve just stepped down at the end of my 4-year term on the body responsible for signing the UK up to the very worthwhile Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). As I’d spent years watching NGOs appoint a succession of exclusively white (like me), London-based men who just happened to be paid staff of those very NGOs, I.. read more →

Yesterday, UK government minister Rory Stewart fleshed out the UK’s new extrajudicial killing policy. He said that that the only way to deal with hundreds of British citizens who’ve left to fight with Isis, and remain out there somewhere, is to kill them.  This was immediately backed up by UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon and, making.. read more →

10 Oct 2017
October 10, 2017

The Herald’s Parody News


The Herald seems to have become a parody website but not told folk. Maybe the change of policy notices have just got stuck in the internet on the way up the M6? Maybe their new ‘comedy news’ is of the vein where comedy characters are a vague approximation of the real person portraying them? Here’s.. read more →

The Scottish Conservatives’ leader, in between inane tweets about the Tory conference, has put out a statement which regrets the violence being rained upon innocent Catalans by the Spanish government. It says the answer is; ‘dialogue and diplomacy’. Plenty of unionists, not all Tory and including Scotland in Union (oops…) have re-tweeted the statement, quite.. read more →