Kezia Dugdale’s getting a kicking for going on Sleb. She needn’t worry. She’s done her porridge leading the Scottish Labour Party at a terrible time, she’s a capable young woman and she’s earned the right to be cut a bit of slack and strike out in a new career direction. Obviously, she won’t stick around in politics for long. But, actually, that could end up being good for Scotish politics in general, and I don’t mean that facetiously.

I’m not asking people to feel sorry for MSPs and MPs, but it’s a shame for young ex-politicians – and there are plenty in Scotland – who might have spent 15 years obsessing about politics and making job sacrifices for what turned out to be a career which petered out in their 30s after maybe one term in office. What do they do next? They’re normal folk with all the responsibilities everyone else has they move towards 40, but finding a decent job in Scotland after years in the goldfish bowl is a tough gig for many of them.

Dugdale’s an attractive personality and I suspect she has just the right stuff to make a go of a decent media career well beyond the small world of politics. She’s just the kind of person they use to front Countryfile or some such, and maybe that’s the sort of place she’ll end up. If she does, so much the better that Scottish politics might be seen as something young people can give their all to then move on to something else decent when their number has been called in politics.

Richard Leonard isn’t going to make his first decision that of hanging his predecessor. And anyway, her presence for a bit longer will embarrass the more mindless Corbyn-haters. I imagine at some point there’ll be a painless handover to the next person on the list – the bonkers system in Scotland hands the power to party leaders to give out a parliamentary seat like they’re giving a sweetie to a child. And that’ll be that. There’ll just the the genuine fun for well-wishers of all parties of watching Dugdale enjoy herself for once and maybe get a bit famous on t’ telly.

She’d be well advised to watch the bitter male journos, though. The one’s who’ve been crowing along with the Corbyn-haters. They’ll be noticing that Dugdale’s giving her MSP’s salary for the duration of the show to charity, but that’ll be much less than the Sleb fee of what I understand may be £40k or so before tax. If she wants to keep that cash, she’ll have to leave Holyrood I imagine. I don’t think her colleagues would have that.

If I were her I’d use the cash to set up a wee charity to get more good young women into elective politics; you can do a surprising amount with £40k and she’d be lauded for leaving on a high note.

Whatever she does, though, let’s wish her a fair wind and success in her new career wherever it takes her.


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  1. Kezia flogged herself mental on behalf of the Labour party only to be dealt the same fate as Johaan Lamont bullied and tortured into resignation to be replaced by the new chosen by London Richard Leonard, and anybody who thinks there was an actual genuine election for the post is living in cloud cuckoo land

    In prder to be a true Tory Labourite it’s required you have to look like you’re not
    Kezia overdid the lies and nonsense whereas Richard Leonards attempts to outdo Kezia are already seen by a more educated Scottish electorate as desperate flailings at lies and insulting to any voter to be thought of as believing such drivel

  2. I don’t agree with you on this issue. If she had served out her term then gone on the show fine but to absent herself without the permission of her party then she cocks a snook at the system.

    I’d go as far as to say it should not be the Labour Party who discipline her but Ken McIntosh, the Presiding Officer.

    Our MSP’s are there to serve the people not to further their own ambititons – political or otherwise.

  3. She opposes Scotland deciding its own future and campaigned to stick us with Westminster Tories and no hopers. 120,000 dead from austerity measures and Labour in Scotland refuse the opportunity to be rid of them for good.
    That’s where she is at.

  4. It’s true that once upon a time you became party leader when you were old enough to retire pretty much right afterwards. Now leaders are young and necessarily move on to other things.

    Prime Ministers used to retire to a country estate. Now they get jobs with the universities, the UN, and big companies. Well, they need to do something when they are through with politics, or politics is through with them, in their middle years.

    It’s maybe a lesson to all of us not to be too strident in our condemnation of others. The catching phrase “get on with the day job” has come back to bite her (and Davidson, the colonel and cake baker).

    I don’t watch tv so I’ve never seen the show. However it sounds horrific and the names on it are largely D list. I’m not sure its the best way to launch yourself as a serious tv personality. If I’d been Kezia I would have resigned my seat first before taking part in reality tv.

    I’ve no idea whether she is a nice person or not, but I wish her well with whatever she does after this.

    Mr Leonard got off to a bad start with his failure to acknowledge the First Minister’s and Industry Minister’s parts in the Fife jobs solution. It made him look petty and small when the unions acknowledged it.

    I doubt if he will want to get into a cat fight with Mr Corbyn so soon after that.

    Starting off badly is never a good idea.

  5. Kezia Dugdale pushed the ‘get on with the day job’ herself during the last election, so she’s guilty of the charge of hypocrisy in my book. Don’t wish her any harm, but you’re a bit too generous with your good wishes.

    She also has the small matter of a court case to attend to, I believe.

  6. Kind words. But she’s a wee daftie, and she’ll disappear.

  7. PS I truly mean an outstanding combination.

    She and you all would shine.

  8. Stop excusing her.

    Your plastic points are taken.

    Why not apply to the Alex Salmond Show along with yourself and Gerry Adams?

    A magnificent combo, I suspect.

    No harm to her meant.

    Luck to her and you



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