10 Oct 2017
October 10, 2017

The Herald’s Parody News


The Herald seems to have become a parody website but not told folk. Maybe the change of policy notices have just got stuck in the internet on the way up the M6? Maybe their new ‘comedy news’ is of the vein where comedy characters are a vague approximation of the real person portraying them?

Here’s the headline to today’s story; “Sturgeon slated as arrogant after 10 year power pledge” (may change on internet as day progresses).

What’s the basis of this story?

Well, when politicians make big speeches a draft of their speech gets given to journos in advance so they can put their stories out immediately after the speech has been made. The draft always says: “Check against delivery” all over it. This is simply to note that the thing hasn’t actually been said until it’s been said, so if the thing doesn’t actually get said then the journo’s just reporting on paperwork s/he’s received from a junior staff member (or leaker).

With today’s Herald story, Tom Gordon – an actual journalist – has taken the draft of something which hasn’t been said by anyone yet, got a Tory and Lib Dem to slag it off and put that slagging at the top of the story. Pure comedy journalism.

Without the advance delivery of drafts, journos’ lives are made more difficult and people get their news less quickly. The Herald seems to have decided that advance delivery is for tossers and Tom Gordon’s played along by moving seamlessly into parody journo mode.

Next step? Who needs trained journos, or even newspapers, to deliver crap like that?

Meanwhile, the Herald’s going to find that The Daily Mash already occupies the slot it seems to be aiming for.