10 Oct 2017
October 10, 2017

The Herald’s Parody News


The Herald seems to have become a parody website but not told folk. Maybe the change of policy notices have just got stuck in the internet on the way up the M6? Maybe their new ‘comedy news’ is of the vein where comedy characters are a vague approximation of the real person portraying them?

Here’s the headline to today’s story; “Sturgeon slated as arrogant after 10 year power pledge” (may change on internet as day progresses).

What’s the basis of this story?

Well, when politicians make big speeches a draft of their speech gets given to journos in advance so they can put their stories out immediately after the speech has been made. The draft always says: “Check against delivery” all over it. This is simply to note that the thing hasn’t actually been said until it’s been said, so if the thing doesn’t actually get said then the journo’s just reporting on paperwork s/he’s received from a junior staff member (or leaker).

With today’s Herald story, Tom Gordon – an actual journalist – has taken the draft of something which hasn’t been said by anyone yet, got a Tory and Lib Dem to slag it off and put that slagging at the top of the story. Pure comedy journalism.

Without the advance delivery of drafts, journos’ lives are made more difficult and people get their news less quickly. The Herald seems to have decided that advance delivery is for tossers and Tom Gordon’s played along by moving seamlessly into parody journo mode.

Next step? Who needs trained journos, or even newspapers, to deliver crap like that?

Meanwhile, the Herald’s going to find that The Daily Mash already occupies the slot it seems to be aiming for.






10 Responses to The Herald’s Parody News
  1. Fake news in abundance from most MSM sources in the UK. They are unable to write or report anything honest about Scotland and its honest and fair SNP Government. A Government that is actually working miracles and are a leading example on how to run a country through Austerity, extreme bias, corruption and what seems a very hard or even no deal Brexit. They are achieving things in Scotland that Unionists could never dream of, this is of course the prime reason for such journalistic hatred and Fake News on SNP.

  2. With the exception of a few practices, it’s grubby, disreputable, dishonourable work. If in fable prostitution is the first profession, journalism is first trade – founded by the peeping Tom who spied on the first prostitute and sold the story.-

  3. methinks tom gordon wants a cosy job with one of the unionist parties after the herald goes further down its road to destruction

  4. With the exception of the National I think all of the papers distort and misreport. The Guardian is an exception with many of its editorials. I used to read newspapers. No more, I get all my news online. Even here there is bias and poor reporting. What a disgrace journalists are.

    • Although I have bought the National and the Sunday Herald since their inception and, in the main, they have been pretty true to their avowed pro-independence stance, I have to remember that the Herald is the ‘flagship title of the group and that journalists like Mr Tom Gordon have written for the group’s other titles. The group seems to be spread betting to try to continue to maintain readership using all its titles in aggregate. When the Sunday Herald declared for independence and after September 19, 2014, the Herald swung sharply right and sharply pro-unionist, probably being aware that the National was in the making.
      However, the journalism is simply poor quality. I can stomach reading unionist and Tory journalism if it is well-written and has some basis in fact, but the Herald, like so many other ‘papers of record’ such as The Times and the Telegraph,,has become pisspoor. The Sun (Scottish and English editions) are usually much better written and sharply produced..

  5. The Herald has abandoned any pretence of being a serious newspaper and instead seems content to act as a Unionist/Loyalist propaganda sheet.
    Every single policy of the SNP is treated as it emanates from the very bowels of Lucifer’s dominions. Whilst, any Unionist one is lauded from the highest.
    In fact after more than 40 years of reading that title it’s overt Unionist bias has forced me to cease reading it. I am yet to suffer any pangs of withdrawal?

  6. You would think that the owners of the Title, unless they have £50 to burn would understand the logical extrapolation of the sales figure of this kamikaze policy.

    The journalists should, being closer to effects of these policies, be even more aware.

    Seeing them on TV and in print, they seem to have insouciance to an art form.

    Wonder what is really going on around the Scotsman right now?

  7. Journalist? LOL

    Ewan noted – not a Journal of Record. Just lemmings printing press releases, and in in-office crèche for visiting Tories Red and Blue.


  8. I agree entirely. I remember a former editor explaining how keen he was to preserve the papers reputation as a journal of record. Past days.


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