The Scottish Conservatives’ leader, in between inane tweets about the Tory conference, has put out a statement which regrets the violence being rained upon innocent Catalans by the Spanish government. It says the answer is; ‘dialogue and diplomacy’. Plenty of unionists, not all Tory and including Scotland in Union (oops…) have re-tweeted the statement, quite obviously as an endorsement.

But these are weasel words. They amount to saying that the Spanish are quite right to deny a referendum to the Catalans, it’s just that the way they’re going about it is a bit, well, messy. And of course they can kiss goodbye to Gibraltar.

The terrible violence in Spain, however, a stark reminder that the stain of fascism there is still upon and within the woodwork there (see this 6-years-old but still, quite obviously, relevant Jonathan Freedland piece for the Guardian), does not behove us to wish that dialogue or diplomacy reign. It requires us to demand that a third ‘d’, democracy, reign.

In 2014, Scots were urged by the ‘Better Together’ campaign to keep their place in the EU by voting No. This was pivotal for many wavering voters. The truth, we know now, is that Scots could only have saved our place in the EU by voting ‘Yes’. This, of itself, is enough for any reasonable person to agree that the result is now either morally invalid, or a immoral con-trick we must simply accept.

Some unionists actually laugh about the con-trick. Perhaps these are the ones re-tweeting that tweet of the Scottish Conservatives’ leader. Other unionists should look at Catalonia and reflect now upon whether they want to laugh about a con-trick alongside the Conservatives. Or, instead, accept that while they may not agree with independence, it is once again time to defend people’s right to choose at the ballot box.

10 Responses to Dialogue and Diplomacy are weasel words when they are misused to prevent Democracy
  1. Catalonia IS breaking the current constitutional law in going for independence. However the debate for them started over seven years ago. Frustration and lies from Madrid got us to the point we are at today.

    For our British Nationalist party hacks to say ‘no to violence’ is one thing. But will they support democracy when indyref2 comes along. No they will not indeed they already rant on that there is no demand for it. What planet are they on.

    I know you used to work at WM Eric so you know what a load of crap they all talk. It is either to fight within a party of lie to swing opinion. Truth has no part in politics. Never has.

    As you say above, it is a con trick.

  2. Which Scottish Tory party leader are you referring to ? Seems to me that that pair are ripe for splitting . They obviously dislike each other and are hardly ever seen together, time to start exploiting their comical ambitions.

  3. Thank you Eric.

    By the way way, the link to the Guardian article is missing and there’s a missing ‘is’ in the first line of the third paragraph.

    • Thanks. The link was there but I hand’t highlighted it – it was a secret link! Fixed it now. Can’t see where the second ‘is’ should be? e

  4. After today, after the end of my love of Spain.

    After the total repugnant responses from the Tories and Labour. Or lack of them.

    The so called United Kingdom is over. Scotland stuck by democracy in Catalonia, while England spat on it.

    Time to leave this crap union, enjoy our choices.

  5. I’ve been chilled and disgusted by events today. And then further sickened by people who call themselves socialists saying “I don’t think the Catalonian people should have their skulls split open, but they were breaking the law, so…”

    Makes me furious. These people are elevating “legality” above morality because they are afraid that if democracy is permitted outside parameters they want to define, then they themselves will lose out further down the line. The subtext is: “Westminster must give Scotland permission or it’s illegal.”

    So they put themselves on the side of riot police beating up innocent people.

    That’s cowardly and shameful behaviour.

  6. After seeing the brutality dished out by the paramilitary Civil Guard upon peaceful Catalans attempting to assert their Right to determine their future ……. my thought was “oh!, how Franco would have approved” ….. shame on you Spain and be strong Catalans.

  7. The Tories and Spain’s PP are fellow travellers.
    Both right wing authoritarian centralised state parties who reject the ideas of pooling and sharing unless it is entirely on their terms.
    They pay lip service to democracy and certainly in the case of the Tories are masters of manipulating the electoral system to their advantage.
    The Tories instincts as far as Scotland are concerned is to do what Rajoy is doing in Catalunya but ,for now they can rely on HM press to do that job for them.
    We can,however see where these fascists go when their power is challenged.
    Utterly disgraceful scenes from Catalunya and Rajoy must be held to account.
    Thanks Eric.

    • A fair number in Labour in Scotland have been pretty appalling, too. I got the impression that while Senor Rajoy might be a Falangist, to some in Labour i Scotland he is THEIR Falangist: it was unfortunate a few heads were smashed, but those so treated WERE breaking the law.


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