28 Sep 2017
September 28, 2017

Nick Robinson doesn’t have Wings


Nick Robinson has taken a pop at social media current affairs sites. At the top of his list is Wings Over Scotland. Wings, he says, is pro-independence, in testimony to its inability to provide valuable coverage and comment.

But wait! Every newspaper in the UK which expresses a view, other than the Sunday Herald and The National, is anti-Scottish independence. For Robinson, that doesn’t reflect on their ability to do the news ‘properly’, of course.

In simple terms of quality, I encourage any readers here who don’t already have a view about Wings (and there are a few) to take a look at any single Wings story and make their own judgement about whether analysis there is at least up to the standard of – frankly actually way above – the standard they’ll find at the BBC website or in most newspapers.

Like a lot of able folk who’ve made a good living through the media, Robinson’s finding it hard to come to terms with social media. But Robinson’s virtually in a category of his own. He’s a media millionaire Tory who gets to earn most of his money in the public sector and to pretend his perspective is politically impartial. His starting point is so rooted in particular incoherence and peculiar self-interest that his meanderings can only lead to a quagmire.

Mind you, in Scotland at least, that’s not news is it?


8 Responses to Nick Robinson doesn’t have Wings
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  2. Good point well made. Need to correct typo, ‘starting’ not ‘staring’.

  3. Thanks for that Eric. I haven’t believed a word Robinson has reported since.

  4. Ironic isn’t it , the selected majority Unionist journalists in a country of so called ” free speech ” don’t want anyone else to have that same right !

  5. We all know Nick Robinson is a biased and untruthful commentator. No-one should listen to him. But he is not alone; the entire British media lies about Scotland, including BBC Scotland.

  6. Well said Mr. Joyce.

    We ‘just’ need to keep these people accountable to allow our fellow ‘Scots’ (I mean all of us in the Northern Kingdom) access to the truth.

  7. Poor Nick, almost a comedy now of self flagellation for his concrete lies over Scotland.

    Even nicer to see all the Brit Media rallying round to trumpet his message. Almost like its one thing, and not a bunch of independent entities. A union of useless reporting as it goes!


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