Strange yet true that the Tories have given the UK a prime minister who lacks self-confidence to a politically crippling degree; one where she reflects perfectly the lack of confidence her colleagues and UK citizens have in her.

Surreal, too, that the same ‘prime’ minister will inflict a personal humiliation upon the person at the apex of Toryworld – The Queen.

The Queen will read a speech in the first person. Yet that speech will serve as a manque of a real Queen’s speech since of course few can know if what the Queen tells us so confidently her government will do is simply a load of made up nonsense.

That few? The ‘honourable’ homophobes of the DUP.

The DUP claims to be playing hardball right now, on the very day of the Queen’s Speech, even ‘though that humiliates the Queen they’re so keen to rule over them. Whether or not it’s pork belly politics over Airport Passenger Duty, or that they’re simply showing the people of NI how hard they are, they know one thing. As things stand, until 28/29 June, when the vote on the Queen’s Speech takes place, the DUP get to choose the UK prime minister. They won’t vote for Jeremy Corbyn, of course, but if they decide they just don’t like the cut of Theresa May’s jib, then can make it clear to the Tories that they won’t support the speech with her as PM and she’ll be gone immediately.

By the present Tory plan, once that vote is over there will be in theory no opportunity to remove Ms May next year since the Queen’s Speech 2018 has been cancelled.

It’s all literally pathetic. Theresa May, The Tories, The DUP and the state of UK democracy.