04 Jun 2017
June 4, 2017

“Western Values”


This blog included a few words re: Jeremy Cobyn and Northern Ireland yesterday. Afterwards, the terrible events on London Bridge took place.

There’s a pause in political activity today and, although some think that’s not right, that seems to strike a balance between not letting terrorists dictate to us all and showing respect for the victims of the latest atrocity. A moment, perhaps, to simply marvel at what’s going on in Manchester tonight.

Theresa May made a statement today in her capacity as prime minister – as is her duty. She referred to the battle between Islamist terrorism being opposed to our own “western values”.

Was that a slip of the tongue, or did the prime minister mean it in earnest? We’ll find out over the next day or two.

There’ll be a post here at this blog in the morning about ‘Western Values’ and how they might relate to present events.