04 Jun 2017
June 4, 2017

“Western Values”


This blog included a few words re: Jeremy Cobyn and Northern Ireland yesterday. Afterwards, the terrible events on London Bridge took place.

There’s a pause in political activity today and, although some think that’s not right, that seems to strike a balance between not letting terrorists dictate to us all and showing respect for the victims of the latest atrocity. A moment, perhaps, to simply marvel at what’s going on in Manchester tonight.

Theresa May made a statement today in her capacity as prime minister – as is her duty. She referred to the battle between Islamist terrorism being opposed to our own “western values”.

Was that a slip of the tongue, or did the prime minister mean it in earnest? We’ll find out over the next day or two.

There’ll be a post here at this blog in the morning about ‘Western Values’ and how they might relate to present events.


2 Responses to “Western Values”
  1. The former home secretary, long service, complains about herself on the stump.


  2. She must have forgotten she is close friends with the Saudi Government and its ‘values’.


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