A short note late this Friday evening.

The UK has a prime minister who cannot cope with the job. The terrible truth is that she is running away from Grenfell Tower survivors because her advisers know that if she tries to talk to them in front of the cameras she will freeze up though fear and nervousness.

And who put her there? Scotland and Northern Ireland unionists did.

Yet support for independence in Scotland is unchanged from before the election. There is not a single piece of evidence which suggests otherwise. The  Scottish Tory leader, though, now attending cabinet and in charge of reserved policy for Scotland in spite of having never been appointed to any government office, has been unchallenged in her assertion that since the SNP got ‘only’ 37% of the general election vote in Scotland this means Scotland has overwhelmingly rejected another referendum.

The media like the idea, of course. But the rest of us have discounted for that nonsense. So what’s more harmful to independence?

More harmful is independence supporters who are also SNP supporters failing to understand that Scottish Labour leaders’ continuous assertion of the same point as the Tory leader is specifically designed to encourage independence supporters to conflate ‘anti-independence’ and ‘all Labour voters’.

Professor John Curtice estimated in 2015 that around a third of Labour voters supported independence. Because of the move of many from Labour to Tory, that figure has certainly increased. The obvious truth is that support for independence in Scotland includes almost all SNP voters but that’s not enough for independence. Crucially, it also includes over a third of Labour voters (27% at the 2017 election) and folk who didn’t have a vote this year (EU citizens and 16/17 year olds).

When SNP independence supporters attack Labour voters per se, that’s fine for them as long as they’re doing it for party political reasons. But if they’re doing it to help the cause of independence, they’re actually having the opposite effect. Notably, if they think about young folk who moved to Labour because of Corbyn but remain independence supporters, they should realise that if anything is virtually designed to move them into the ‘No’ camp permanently it’s being called bampots by the Yes camp.

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11 Responses to Scottish Tories gave the UK an incompetent prime minister. What to do?
  1. I was out campaigning with the Airdrie For Independence group yesterday, and this was the main message I was trying to get across. In the Airdrie and Shotts constituency just over 75% of those who voted actually voted against the Tories: against austerity, against benefit sanctions, zero hour contracts and all the associated crap that comes with them. There is more unites us than unites us, what we need to be able to do is convince them that they are more likely to get their policies implemented in an independent Scotland than a United Kingdom. Even the election of a Corbyn government would just be a stay of execution, for in the UK you can always be assured that you can always be within 5 years of another Tory government: where any advance made by Labour can be reversed.

  2. Spot on Eric.
    We must reach out to Indy voters in other prties without any alienation. Party lines will be redefined fter Independence comes.

  3. I am not sold on the idea that people voted for the party of their choice on this occasion. Lib Dems played a crucial part in this election by moving their entire vote, with the exception of certain seats, to Tory.

    Kezia also must face some criticism for her ‘get SNP’ theme whatever that meant to Labour’s chances. Encouragement to voters to choose Tories in certain seats was appalling. I believe it allowed Tories to stop Labour winning an election.

    Then, of course, there is Ruth, courting the sectarian vote, coupled with the ‘get SNP’ theme again. After all is said and done, if SNP don’t have the tools to make the electorate want them, then they will always lose votes. This election seems so much different from others. Mass movement of votes from the parties that normally attract votes. Corbyn effect or not matters little. I believe this election has realigned battle lines for the next independence referendum. Unionists v the rest. Let us not let the tail wag the dog this time.

    • No, I think your last sentence couldn’t be more wrong, It’s a recipe for failure. There is no chance that the SNP will go anywhere near 50% of the vote again because they’ve lost all those Tories for good. If you alienate everyone who isn’t SNP a lot of them will simply vote No next time.

  4. It’s interesting that Ruth Davidson now attends cabinet, and appears to be doing the job of Secretary of State.

    Is there any good reason you can think of for paying Mundel £140 pa?

  5. Hi,

    Am alone in wondering why we continue to legitimise the so called Union Why allow the MSM to confuse the WM and deviolved areas. Even after that biased shambles we get seats and turn up to be ignored. Why do SNP continue to put us candidates at all ???
    Abandon WM to the British parties and concentrate on the politics we do control – build the difference.

    • The media is at it is. Nothing we can do about that except move influence to social media; and in the face of a really crap Scottish media, that’s exactly what’s happening. Wings is read by more folk than almost all newspapers. As for Westminster, that’s where the sovereignty and most of the actual power is. The effect of the SNP being the third largest grouping in parliament is still pretty amazing. In the end, there’ll be a referendum because it’s widely agreed there is a demand for one – MPs won’t hold it up for long. The trickiness now might be whether the Scotgtov actually wants one in the next couple of years now. My guess is that it’ll come after the Scot parl election in 2021, but it might come earlier if there’s another general election.

  6. Spot on Eric – NO name calling based on natural political allegiances, age or any other such nonsense while we strive for our freedom. Leave the divisiveness to the fag-end of the Empire loyalists whose heroes have pillaged, and worse, around the world for too long!

  7. Kezia had a great idea, ( not)asking the labour voters to vote tory . And labour lost

    • Nothing Scottish Labour’s leadership said had much purchase at the election. There was clearly some tactical voting in Edinburgh South – and that’s where the party’s whole effort went so that shouldn’t be surprising. Some of that vote was personal to Ian Murray, though. But Labour’s modest rise came because of pro-Corbyn folk who switched across from SNP but remain Yes I think. So that leaves the march away from the SNP to the Tories by folk who don’t support independence as the main reason for the relative Tory success. The harsh reality is that most people voted for the party of their choice and we just saw the Tories being detoxified and natural Tories going back.


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