12 May 2017
May 12, 2017

Orange panic


Herald reporter Gerry Braiden writes today that; “Ulster-style loyalism has again become a shorthand for elements of the Yes movement to denigrate opponents”. The article is entitled; “Folk devils, Orange panics and Scotland’s council elections”.

So, who’s causing the ‘Orange panic’, then?

Why, that’ll also be The Herald.

So, hilariously, the Herald hyped an ‘Orange panic’ story and now The Herald writes about how terrible that Yes folk are fomenting Orange panic. They’re actually taking the piss, right?

Yes, of course they’re actually taking the piss. That’s their job, so let’s not take them too seriously.

By the way, I know one’s The Herald and the other’s The Sunday Herald and that they have different positions on independence and that a bit of infighting between papers and reporters is part of the industry and all that, and, and, and. But they’re still taking the piss and having a laugh about it later in the bar.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, note how the same piece pretends at a bit of balance by referring to how unionists are frequently and casually linking the independence cause in Scotland to the threat of republican-style violence. It reads as if to say; “hey, I know Yes folk are being baselessly accused of harbouring violent intent, and indeed of being violent (during the last referendum), but that’s no excuse to be using The Unionist Orangey Thing’.

But is there really any comparison? Accusing people of being incipient terrorists and murderers on the one hand, and on the other pointing out that that some Orange activity is explicitly aimed at getting unionist pollticians elected with the express purpose not of helping folk but of defending the union?

Well, that’s for you to make your own mind up on of course. I know I have.





12 Responses to Orange panic
  1. Who are they defending us from as they threaten us with themselves
    Who will they not like tomorrow or is it just everybody who’s not them

    These people are an offence to civilised society and if they can’t be stopped on sectarian grounds they should be charged with crimes against music

  2. Am I asking too much when anyone being interviewed/ counting votes/ teaching the young etc. should give their allegiances to any organisations they support?Due to the new tory councillors and the undercurrent of hate that follows them I often wonder about the 2014 referenda and put myself in the position of an OO member and a vote counter with my oath to the Crown,surely a serious conflict of interest,so at the next referendum could we please have arbitrators to count the votes as now I have a strong feeling we actually should be independent now.

  3. Does it matter if the candidate is a member of the OO if he/she is a good councillor? Where I live many OO members, for generations, have been councillors, and good ones at that. I don’t see an issue unless you’re looking for one.

    • What matters is where there first loyalty lies. If the OO suggests it’s with it – and they do – then the member should clarify. I agree, by the way, if membership is secondary then as long as it’s out in the open then there isn’t an issue in my personal view.

  4. This is a very serious subject. The unionists are encouraging violence from the Orange tendency, and if it happens will blame it on the “vile separatists”.

    However, a lighter moment. There is an enormous orange walk through Partick on the Saturday closest to the 12th. Way back when there will still trams, and I was a lad, one of the show offs with the mace in front of a flute band tossed it in the air, but it didn’t come down, having landed on top of the tram wires and shorted out the whole section from Anderston to Yoker. Hilarious.

    Let’s hope the unionist strategy of using the extremist threat gets shorted out too, because they are playing with fire.

    • Nice story! I think you’re right about violence. Unionists who use it to taunt Yes folk generally, it seems to me, just don’t realise what NI was like. They don’t want to bring it down on Scotland; it’s more a matter of opportunism and ignorance. I don’t think Scotland would ever go that way; but it’s quite impossible to be sure that faced with enough ignorant unionist taunting that some folk wouldn’t be provoked in some awful way.

  5. Poor bastards, brought up to live a life of simmering hatred then pass it on to the next generation, what a sad cycle of existence to lead.
    All that anger aimed at another human just because the pray in a different way to you. I’m so glad I’m a lapsed humanist.

  6. Odd, I can’t remember Gerry Braden speaking up when David Torrance and others were writing articles about the Ulsterisation of Scotland a while back.

  7. I used to panic every 12th July.

    Dad wanted to take me to watch some people marching.

    I only ever saw people raging.


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