A rich guy (Herald, paywall) who gives the Scottish Labour Party a lot of money is taking his money away for now because the party refused to allow a Tory-Labour administration in Aberdeen. The rich guy says he doesn’t understand why Labour, in the middle of a general election where the two main players are the Tories and Labour, wouldn’t sanction a Labour-Tory council administration in a major city. Yes, quite a puzzle for the rich guy, that one.

Meanwhile, the rich guy is getting on with the day job which enables him to give large amounts of strings-retroactively-attached money to a political party on an Aberdeen-focussed basis. Here he is last year explaining the latest stage of negotiations with Aberdeen Council following a vote by councillors to grant his company planning permission for a vast new development there. Thanks to the Tory-Labour alliance the rich guy feels so strongly about, the councillors who controlled the administration at the time of that vote, now ex-Labour, of course still control the council today despite having lost the election.

The Scottish Labour Party leader responded to the Aberdeen situation by saying: “This isn’t about positions or gold medals around the necks of councillors, this is about the job Labour councillors are elected to do – to protect public services, to invest in and defend public services”.

Ironically, the Aberdeen councillors have been suspended from Labour for forming an administration to do exactly what the Scottish Labour leader says they were elected to do. If they hadn’t formed the administration then they wouldn’t be the administration so they couldn’t, er, do it. That’s how elections and politics work.