12 May 2017
May 12, 2017

How The Daily Mail laughs

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Here’s Scottish Daily Mail man Alan Roden bragging today about his prize from the boy’s club which is Scottish journalism. Roden’s the identified spokesperson for Scottish Labour at the moment – the second most prominent Scottish Labour person at this general election time, in fact.

Here’s our piece from last month explaining how by joining forces with the Tory Daily Mail the Scottish Labour leadership is eating its own party. They might think it hilarious that Roden’s ‘award winning story’ is about the SNP. But of course, Roden will be filling his notebook with stories about everything which is going on at Labour right now in order to write about it once he’s back in his old job. Just like his predecessor here, here and everywhere else when he’s not doing work for the Scottish Tories.

Roden’s tweet is simply, and quite obviously, to remind everyone in the trade that he’ll have some juicy (ish) stuff just as soon as the election and Labour are finished.

Finally, for good measure, here’s another piece from April talking about the boys’ club. Check out the pictures and compare them to the one here. Marvel at the blatant messages contained within these images and, if you like, insert your own creative pejoratives.

Hat-tip to Kev for noticing that the red-faced/nosed guy giving Roden his prize is not a former train fireman who used to get relief by sticking his head out of the Dundee to Inverness train into the icy air at Drumochter and The Slocht, but John McLennan, former Scotsman Editor and now Tory councillor. He gets his relief doing this sort of crap these days. 


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  1. Maybe this political cesspit started with Tony Blair’s spads and the Government directive that the job of the previously neutral Civil Service was to promote and deliver Government policy.
    But politicians who should know better are behaving like country squires allowed entry to the Court of royalty. Moving with the big Courtiers of the Brit establishment, the editors, the shaker and movers in the world of newspapers. Dreams of mixing with the Press Barons.
    Or maybe they saw the WestWing, and thought that’s us: smart, cool and in control.
    Instead they opened the door, pointed to the filing cabinet marked, All Our Secrets, and said, “Now remember you are working for us and you mustn’t look in that one’.


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