Various Scottish Labour politicians have been appearing on radio and telly this morning to tell us what Jeremy Corbyn “really meant”. But since we all speak the same language as Jeremy and his words were said directly to the media and were therefore intended for us, when he said as second referendum was; “absolutely fine”, we all know exactly what he ‘really’ meant. What these politicians are really saying, of course, is: “this is what we wished Jeremy had said”, and their pretence otherwise treats the public with open contempt.

It’s quite clear that the rump which is now Scottish Labour is split between explaining why Jeremy Corbyn said something he didn’t (i.e. Scottish Corbynites who remain motivated first by their hatred of both the SNP and the notion of independence) and explaining openly why their own leader  – again, Jeremy Corbyn – is an idiot to be ignored. Their contempt for independence and the public is equalled only by their contempt for each other.

Yet in a week in which Wings Over Scotland raised more cash in a few days than Scottish Labour’s annual membership income, you might think all of these folk might think again about their daily utterances.

Members of the Scottish Parliament are elected to collectively express the will of Scots. If they vote for a second referendum in due course, then there simply will be one. Too much time is wasted at the moment confusing economic and legal issues with political ones. The politics here are straightforwards in every way.

Scottish Labour Party ‘leaders’, split they are, can choose to start this new referendum campaign as losers again  – and voters really hate losers – or do themselves a favour  by at least staring out on the right side in one respect by supporting the coming referendum – as their own leader clearly does.

Right now, though, it feels like they’d rather stay losers and play second flute to the Tories. Labour members who haven’t yet gone Tory or to the SNP should ignore them, do what they know is best for Scotland and move to Yes.




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  1. It’s truly sad to see that the Labour Party has descended into this mess. Particularly at a time when at a UK level we need them to stand up against the Tories.

    That they can spend this time fighting each other instead of being an opposition is almost unbelievable.

    I look forward to some Scottish Labour people coming out for a referendum, and hopefully for independence, which is probably the only way that Labour can ever recover in our country.

    That, and getting rid of the leadership and shadow cabinet which inspires absolutely no confidence at all.

  2. Are there no Labour voices who are prepared to “come out” in favour of both a 2nd referendum AND independence? and I don’t mean the half baked stuff about a federal UK.

  3. Towards the end of last year I heard an interview by the former Labour MP, Mr Ian Davidson. In essence he said that Labour could not support independence, because this would mean there was no difference between them and SNP and people would vote for SNP.
    The consequence, was that they espouse a unionist position, and unionism is the territory which Ms Davidson’s Conservatives have substantially claimed.Hence 1/4 of the reported Labour vote switches to the Conservatives.
    Apparently, Mr Davidson and those who think like him find this satisfactory.
    Having seen the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem Scottish conferences in the past few weeks, while there were nuanced policy difference, the headline which got publicity was that they were all against a second independence referendum.

  4. To be quite honest Eric,I am not sure what Labour mean when they say anything these days.
    They are only out U-turned by the Scottish Tories.
    This is what you get when you try to apply one set of policies to two different and diverging polities.

  5. I suspect .. well, waiting for 11:30’s SNP bit today, that there will be nothing ‘done with’ Labour in Scotland until the local elections in May.

    By then there should have been a massive sledgehammer of insanity called Article 50 being smacked down on Scots, and the cracks will be painfully obvious.

    Labour in England will still be stabbing one another in the back daily, the media lapping it up, and their befuddled Scottish branch is going to be dead (one hopes).

    Post independence, we need a Labour party (don’t call it that) that is not made up of the pathetic mess that is currently calling itself Labour.

    I suspect I may turn to politics.


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