Theresa May will speak at the Tory Conference in Glasgow today. As the most powerful person in the UK, she will say it is her priority to champion the cause of Scottish unionism. This is very helpful, because – combined with the terrible absence of the Labour Party – it makes starker than ever the choice before Scots. Scotland can be an independent, social democratic nation state with present values preserved; or it can be a neoliberal, right-wing, low tax and spend sub-state controlled exclusively by English Tories. There it is.

The UK prime minister argued against Brexit but once it became clear that the Tory right-wing had won and its leaders had shot each other in the face, she became a prisoner of that right wing in order to secure a fair innings at Downing Street. Now she is pursuing a hard Brexit which will cause only harm to all of us while following on with other standard right-wing obsessions such as removing our protection of the ECHR and much more besides.

In her  speech, she will say that Scotland should stop being blinkered about independence and its government should ‘get on with its day job’. Well, she would say that, wouldn’t she?

In fact, as her ability to turn on a sixpence over Brexit showed, Mrs May understands very well that getting Scotland out of the UK should right now be the main day-job of every politician in Scotland who isn’t a Tory. Frankly, that’s what she expects. The Tories have successfully established themselves as the voice of Scottish unionism and if they can keep enough Labour and Lib Dem supporters on board to win a second referendum then they can look forward to a political resurgence in Scotland at the expense of those same Labour and Liberal Democrat parties. The English Tory Party would then use its full capacity as UK government to give more and more power to the elbow of its Scottish branch on the basis that the SNP can’t win in Scotland forever and when they don’t then the Scottish Tories will be waiting. This much is simple politics. All the rest is bibbling and bobbling.

So, in truth, Mrs May is as comfortable with a referendum as independence supporters are. She’ll fight the good Tory fight and if Scots vote for independence she’ll shake her head in mock sadness at Scots’ embracing of a social democratic future, then carry on with her Full English Brexit before handing over to a new Tory prime minister in half-a-dozen years. If Scots choose a Conservative future, though, she will be hailed in history as the saviour of the union and the person who finally brought proper neoliberal Toryism to Scotland.

Theresa May will be full of bluster today. But she as much as anyone knows it’s Scotland’s call now. For God’s sake, let’s call it against a Tory future.   For once and for all.







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  1. Independence for Scotland – here’s to the dream becoming a reality. I’m now in my 70’s but hope to see independence before I die. Although I now live in Tasmania, Scotland is still my home and I’m sure many Scots around the world will be hoping to see an independent Scotland become a reality.

    • Thanks so much for these inspiring words, Mary. With a fair wind, and your thoughts, we might just make it happen next year….
      And do stay well in Tasmania for many decades to come! best wishes, eric

  2. Theresa May was spot on – the Scottish government should actually focus on running the country instead of just running up our debt so we now owe more than Greece. They couldn’t even get the budget right but that’s no surprise as they’ve overspent on every IT activity by tens of millions – the SNP dictatorship have one mission only and Salmond needs education on the definition of ‘once in a generation’…just don’t send him to one of our Scottish schools – another failure.

    • How ignorant are you? Scotland has no debt. They only debt we have is attributed to us by WM. Spent by them for them and landing us with a share of the bill. It’s akin to your neighbour turning up with his credit card bill and say your share is X pounds!

      The SG manages it’s finances impeccably. They are not allowed to run a deficit and until recently had no borrowing powers either. So get your facts right you sponge!

  3. Don’t think the Tories are half as comfortable as they think they are. Their support has no depth in much of Scotland, although they have the re-awakened Orange, über-Unionist vote. This will be a real challenge for Labour in Scotland, they’ll have to for once and for all are going to stand with the forces of reaction or change?
    I wouldn’t be putting my money on them doing the right thing.
    Returning to the Tories, their biggest failure viz. Scotland is a total failure to engage with the contemporary debate: this should come come back to haunt them!

  4. It’s a frightening future and a choice which I’m not sure people really understand (as they didn’t in the EU debate).

    It’s a great deal more that whether you think of yourself as British or Scottish.

    Now that a socialist Labour Party would be unelectable in England we can look forward to Tory or quasi-Tory UK government from now on, sucking up to Trump, Netanyahu adn Erdogan.

    UKIP have pushed the current UK government to the right and I can’t see any retreat from that position in the near future.

    I also don’t see Corbyn ever being prime minister of England, although his policies (or at least some of them) might have had a chance in Scotland. Who comes after him will need a long time to put the party back together.

    So the future looks blue. Literally.

    As you say, the SNP can’t stay in power for ever and the current Labour Party Scotland Branch has lost its way. I fear Dugdale isn’t a leader, but who else do they have?

    Ruth Davidson to her credit has reinvented the Tories in Scotland. I didn’t think she could do it.But despite her woefully inadequate MSPs they are now the opposition, driven by Mrs May
    from Downing Street.

    Our future, as you point out, is independence or hard right wing Toryism.

    Please let it be independence.

  5. Couldn’t agree more. If you don’t like Salmond, Sturgeon or the SNP, so what. They won’t be here forever. If we don’t go soon, the Tories will!


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