Jeremy Corbyn  said today that he thinks a second Scottish independence referendum would be “absolutely fine”. And one of his advisers said, at the same time (same link); “Kezia Dugdale is absolutely right to oppose a second referendum at Holyrood to keep the pressure on Nicola Sturgeon to rule one out”.

In any line of work, including politics, this is simply bad faith.

Jeremy Corbyn is right, of course, to see that Westminster cannot, and should not try to, prevent a second referendum if the Scotish parliament wills it. But the notion that the Labour Party in Scotland should at the same time continue to oppose the same thing the UK Labour Leader supports in order to get some kind of cheap, dishonest political gain is tragicomically misconceived.

Scottish Labour has to make the best of a bad job now, come clean and not only support a referendum but also encourage its own officials, activists and supporters to have an open mind about independence.

Better still, Scottish Labour’s ‘leaders’ should  – if they care for Labour’s future at all – be bold, put their own internal enmities and  obsession with the SNP behind them, ditch the incoherent nonsense of federalism and support independence  and social democracy for Scotland once and for all. If, instead, they give up on dignity and decency continuing to chase the ultra-Unionist vote as second fiddle to the Tories, they’ll lose Labour the respect of its own long-suffering yet still-remaining supporters.