Jeremy Corbyn  said today that he thinks a second Scottish independence referendum would be “absolutely fine”. And one of his advisers said, at the same time (same link); “Kezia Dugdale is absolutely right to oppose a second referendum at Holyrood to keep the pressure on Nicola Sturgeon to rule one out”.

In any line of work, including politics, this is simply bad faith.

Jeremy Corbyn is right, of course, to see that Westminster cannot, and should not try to, prevent a second referendum if the Scotish parliament wills it. But the notion that the Labour Party in Scotland should at the same time continue to oppose the same thing the UK Labour Leader supports in order to get some kind of cheap, dishonest political gain is tragicomically misconceived.

Scottish Labour has to make the best of a bad job now, come clean and not only support a referendum but also encourage its own officials, activists and supporters to have an open mind about independence.

Better still, Scottish Labour’s ‘leaders’ should  – if they care for Labour’s future at all – be bold, put their own internal enmities and  obsession with the SNP behind them, ditch the incoherent nonsense of federalism and support independence  and social democracy for Scotland once and for all. If, instead, they give up on dignity and decency continuing to chase the ultra-Unionist vote as second fiddle to the Tories, they’ll lose Labour the respect of its own long-suffering yet still-remaining supporters.



7 Responses to Labour’s new “Yes and also No” policy on Scottish referendum is simply bad faith
  1. Times have not changed , well not in 300 years, Corbyn supporting a Referendum in England, but not supported by SLabour, and Long- Bailey being pushed by A Marr into admitting that Labour would support the Democratic right of the Scottish people to have a Referendum, but it is Labour Party policy NOT to support Independence or a break away from the U.K. this game by Corbyn is an attempt to win sympathetic votes from both sides of the divide , but tries to win votes in the coming Scottish council elections, just what T, May supported at the TORIE conference in Glasgow. RED TORIES all the way-pathetic.

  2. No chance Eric.

    The Labour Party is a hopeless basket case. Corbyn’s intervention was all about putting his disloyal branch manager in her place. It has bugger all to do with scottish democracy.

    He’ll be away making jam and singing the Red Flag, whilst raising the white flag.

    • His primary hope, and it’s perfect rational, is that Scotland votes No then Labour does well enough in England in 2020 (or earlier) to get a deal with the SNP.

  3. I agree Eric, but I would be amazed if they heed your advice. It seems everyone can see the truth except themselves.

  4. It grinds my gears, I’m sure it does yours too. The problem is they are so far down the rabbit hole, that its dark with an echo and they are sure that its actually voters talking back to them.

    How can they turn, Kezia hates Corbyn and its evident he thinks little of her. Their only MP is a quisling Tory (to me), and the ‘union’ is all they represent.

    Corbyns intervention and the run-around confusion is a good indication that this is the end. If they cant see and they cant change – what are they? Not what I used to vote for, not even the Blairite party. I dread to think what its like canvassing for them, never mind if they can persuade anyone to do it.


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