Just a wee thought about democracy, this fine Friday evening. It’s widely accepted that the notion of representative democracy involves people standing for election – generally, but not quite always on a party programme – then those who are elected all get together on a regular basis. They debate stuff and at the end of.. read more →

Today, journo-turned-Tory-press-guy-and-future-mid-range-PR-bloke Eddie Barnes tweeted  an unintentionally hilarious form of words from aparently-still-billionaire Sir Tom Hunter. I guess Eddie thought they sounded wise: “To conclude, a story perhaps apocryphal, is told of a car industry chief taking a union leader around his factory and noting that his robotic assembly machines didn’t strike. The union man.. read more →

Sgt Blackman, known during his trial as Marine A, has had his sentence reduced from murder to manslaughter. He’s had his life sentence reduced to 7 years and because of time served he’ll be home in the next few weeks. Scotland has a big community of Royal Marines and ex-bootnecks, along with Arbroath’s 45 Commando,.. read more →

Just for a bit of light relief after today’s truly abysmal front-page, Daily Mail columnist Stephen Daisley wrote this yesterday; “Grievances are the carbohydrates of nationalism; eliminate them and the body grinds to a halt”.  Evidently, Daisley is not a man who has given serious thought to the Atkins diet. But more tragically, Daisley used to.. read more →

Theresa May is meeting Nicola Sturgeon today so we can expect to see the return of nonsense about hard borders and whatnot for a few hours. But in truth, the Tories’ position on a referendum is much more coherent than Scottish Labour’s. Theresa May’s argument is that Scots can’t have a well-informed referendum until they know.. read more →

Like most folk, I think Red Nose Day seems a pretty good thing. I know that those who conceived it are good folk. I don’t really stop to wonder if the money raised on the night displaces donations elsewhere in a zero-sum competition between big NGOs. I just think the folk on the telly and.. read more →

22 Mar 2017
March 22, 2017

Martin McGuinness


I first met Martin McGuinness formally a few years ago during a short spell as shadow minister for Northern Ireland. He was Deputy First minister. Before this first meeting Shaun Woodward, who’d recently been Northern Ireland Secretary of State, told me that however many times I met Martin McGuiness, each meeting would always feel slightly.. read more →

Speaking in his very former constituency of Kirkcaldy, Gordon Brown will apparently say today that the SNP and Tories are both sooo yesterday in their obsession with parliamentary sovereignty. What he’s all about these days is ‘popular sovereignty’. Hmmmm. What’s that then, mate? Well, it’s; “the idea that power rests with the people and that.. read more →

The SNP has taken command of the moral high ground. If Scottish Labour’s leadership can’t learn fast in the coming few days, they’ll let down many decent folk who still have faith in them and Scottish Labour will be done for. The UK prime minister has said she’ll ignore any decision by the Scottish Parliament.. read more →

This week, Netherlands prime minister Mark Rutte has sought to retain his job by mimicking the fascist PVV. In that country these days it’s an orthodox, indeed popular, part of electioneering to call not just for immigration to be reduced, but for actual Dutch citizens to be ‘sent home’ on account of their ethnicity. Conservative Rutte used.. read more →