We’ve been quiet over the last few weeks – we have a new format and a lot of new things planned for throughout 2017, starting early in January with a new podcast and a new site layout.  For tonight, we thought we’d wind up 2016 – the year of Brexit, Trump and a new right wing ascendancy across the developed world (expect more of that in 2017) – by wishing everyone a happy new year. And by reminding everyone of a single happy thought.

There will be a new referendum and 2017 will be, we think, the year most Scots truly embraced independence. Sure, plenty of folk don’t really fancy another referendum right now, but that 37% figure being bandied about for those who support another referendum doesn’t bear directly on the result since quite a few of those who can’t be bothered with it all will engage as a referendum comes closer  – and plenty of those will vote Yes. In addition, the old 54-46 split against independence often reported at the moment includes the caveat that about 12% have moved each way. In other words, that 46% can become 58% if everyone who voted Yes last time do so next time.

A lot of folk have moved  from No to Yes already, and a few more will. That’s the focus of this website. But never forget that just persuading those who voted Yes last time will do the trick now. And that really isn’t beyond the pro-independence movement at all.

Have a super New Year. It’s going to be a great one.