30 Sep 2016
September 30, 2016

The UK’s Far Right


Anna Soubry MP is a fairly right-wing Tory with quite a high public profile on account of having been very outspoken about her Tory rightwing-ness during her short parliamentary career. Some of us (!) have shared a platform with her in public debate for the chatterati and thought she was about as right wing as you could be while walking around without assistance because that part of your brain which controlled your bodily functions still had some kind of link to that part which controlled your intellectual thought.

Now this fairly right-wing Tory is warning us that the Tory ministers in charge of deciding Scotland’s future are essentially far-right, ideological, nutters.

Hey, Scottish unionists who don’t fancy the Tories much: Wake up! Independence is your only way out of this madness.

That is all.