The Falkirk business (ahem!) saw Ed Miliband faced with a choice to either stand up to a new militant entryism led by the Unite leadership, or to cave in and somehow hope it would all go away. He caved in. The militants waited for the inevitable Miliband election failure then pushed many of their number through the sluice gates as registered Labour supporters. The Corbyn phenomenon, though, as it rolled on, gained the enthusiastic support of decent folk who felt that, just for once, their heart could rule their head and maybe the UK could have a ‘proper’ Labour government.

Jeremy Corbyn was the buggins-turn candidate of a left who never thought they could win control of Labour, even with the support of Unite. He won because those heart-over-head folk felt part of a moment and pushed him way over the line. But these folk are different from the militants . They want Labour to win and the Tories to lose. The folk in Jeremy’s office have no interest in the result of the next few elections. They want to use the Labour brand to create the most potent expression of militant leftism in the developed world.

If Jeremy does stand as leader, he’ll likely lose because a lot of those heart-over-head folk will this time choose someone who might just take Labour to a election win in future. If he wins, it’ll mean that Labour members literally don’t care that right before a coming general election the overwhelming majority of elected Labour MPs, right across the political spectrum, can’t and won’t be led by the ‘leader’.  In that case, it will be game over for Labour.