The International Criminal Court (ICC), established in 2002, prosecutes only black people. There have been 39 indictees – all black Africans. Two democratically-elected, serving presidents have been indicted; defendants are held for many years in cells the Hague while their trials take place, yet there have been only two convictions in over 15 years. Nine countries have been ‘investigated’. All African.

What are the defences for such patent racial discrimination? That some of these guys are proper baddies? That at least it does some good in Africa?

Imagine the UK’s prosecuting authorities announcing that to ensure maximum bang for the taxpayer’s buck they were going to concentrate all resources on black people in more dangerous neighbourhoods. “Let’s face it”, the spokespeople might say; “resources are tight. So we’re going to concentrate just on black guys. We know there are a lot of black villains out there. So we’ll lift ’em and hold ’em in small cells for years. We might only get a tiny number of these black guys convicted, but the time they all spend behind bars – guilty or ‘not-guilty (hoho)’ – will send a powerful message to black people everywhere”.

Now it’s 2031, and the ‘arrest-black-guys-only’ policy continues, with many jailings but almost no convictions (the first one came in 2026). Some ‘experts’, including many lawyers, justify the continuing practice with, “at least it’s scaring black villains”; “you’re asking the wrong questions”; “some black folk actually quite like it”, or; “it’s not fair to say we only prosecute black guys because we theoretically we could go after white guys too”.

The number 2 in the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) rang my office a few years ago on a satellite ‘phone from a clearing deep in a tropical rain forest – he wanted to see if he could find a way out for him and a few of his buddies; could they surrender, maybe? He was grassed up almost as soon as his call was over, dragged in front of maniac-in-chief Joseph Kony, beaten with his own weapon then shot through the head with it.  I’ve met child soldiers who have murdered and raped, and I’ve met many, many women victims of the same. I have a clear head on the bad things which have gone on in African countries.

But an international institution which targets only black Africans is manifestly a corrupted one – it’s like a man surviving by eating his children. The ICC has long-since accepted that geopolitics make it impossible to go after ‘bad guys’ anywhere other than black Africa (see the literally pathetic list of ‘examinations’ at the first link above. A single ship is included, for example, but vast tracts of the world ignored). And the moment it accepted that, it became a corrupted institution. It’s worse than regular financial corruption, say, because it tells us that terrible racial bias is justifiable if you get the ‘right’ results. It also tells us that in spite of all the good stuff going on in Africa, the nobel laureates, the decent leaders, the growing economies, those black African folk (like, say, The African Union) just can’t be trusted to sort their own backyards out and by the way  they can pay for the sins of all those bad guys across the world we can’t get near .

Dear readers; food for thought. The Tories warned us against joining the ICC. The US, which handed the sucker below over to the ICC, is itself not a signatory. No way, man.

So here’s this guy getting his this week. Guilty as sin, you can tell, right? He’s going down for years and years – convicted or not.