Liz Kendall’s campaign was always aimed not at winning, obviously, but at creating space for an ultra-Blairite party within a Labour party under the leftish leadership of Andy Burnham or Yvette Cooper. Things have moved on a bit since then….

Kendall is fighting away doughtily, though. It is almost funny, the way Burnham and Cooper took pot shots at her ‘lack of experience’ compared to them whilst, er, reminding us all how things must change from the bad old days (when they were both getting their experience as cabinet ministers).

Anyway, one of today’s funniest tweets resulted from Kendall going so far towards being ‘the sort of person who will bring back wobbly Tory voters’ as to meet herself coming the other way.

Here’s the tweet:

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 13.53.45

What’s being said here by Kendall (or her campaign if she doesn’t tweet for herself)  is that Tory MPs – via a Tory (but highly respected) communications company – are saying openly who they think would be most likely to beat them. That’s Kendall, so Labour folk should vote for her.

But wait. This appeal asks Labour supporters to factor into their decisions the views of Tory MPs. And, for good measure, it assumes that those Tory politicians are being strangely open and honest in their pubic assessment of what would harm them (rather than saying the opposite so as to mislead opponents, as you might reasonably expect politicians to do).

I don’t doubt that the Kendall campaign believes Kendall is the putative leader Tory MPs ‘fear most’. But asking presently undecided Labour folk to vote for her because Tories think they should  – which is what she’s doing – will have precisely the opposite effect from that intended.

Or at least that would be true if the intention was to win. But, back to where I started, that isn’t the aim of her campaign…