Jeremy Corbyn is in Scotland and tomorrow the new Scottish Labour Party leader will be named (polls closed today at lunchtime). Kezia Dugdale, until now touted by many (including herself and Ian Murray, the Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland) as a New Labour figure, has made no secret of her thorough disapproval of Jeremy Corbyn; most recently two weeks ago. Oh, and the fact that she can be trusted to ‘straight talk’. But wait, this week, Jeremy Corbyn is way ahead in the UK leadership contest and is proving very popular in Scotland, so Kezia Dugdale has decided that her politics are after all pretty much the same as Jeremy Corbyn’s.

That isn’t straight talking – it’s exactly the kind of naive and dishonest bullshit which turns everyone off politics. It’s virtually designed to present New Labour as the epitome of shallow opportunism.

It seems very likely that both Dugdale and Corbyn will win. If so, the Scottish Labour Party will find itself over the coming year with either a New Labour leader pretending to be a Corbyn fan for reasons of the cheapest opportunism, or a leader who over the period of a week has genuinely moved their politics across half the political spectrum.

I don’t know which is worse in an elected leader. Naivety and hopeless opportunism or risible shape-shifting. Still, it’ll just be until the 2016 election, right? Then, after such nonsense has guaranteed a hefty win for the SNP again, if Scottish Labour wants a Corbynite leader it can elect genuine left-winger Neil Findlay. Right now, it looks like it’s elected a farce.