16 May 2015
May 16, 2015

The fuckwits are coming


The people who are best at putting the self-indulgent, worker-shafting, job-destroying, moronic ideological argument from the far-left are always the ones being paid good money to do so. So it is with Unite officials. £130k for the UK’s Unite leader and £80k for the halfwit in Scotland with the haircut. Labour in Scotland (too dim to have trademarked ‘The Scottish Labour Party’), nearly destroyed by its failure to THINK for 7 years now, seems about to sign over the office keys to folk who represent virtually no-one.

This is how the politics stack up. Labour didn’t rate Holyrood, in spite of having created it. With one or two exceptions, serious players headed south. The SNP also sent good folk south, but to very few seats, so there were always plenty of capable SNP folk at Holyrood. After 2007, when the SNP won narrowly at Holyrood, it simply didn’t occur to Labour to change its game. Oops. Some more super new Labour folk eschewed Holyrood and were elected as MPs in 2010, and off they went to Westminster. Then in 2011, the SNP won a huge victory against a Scottish Labour Party with a comedy leader. Labour lost ‘safe’ constituency seats and  its ‘paper’ list candidates slipped into Holyrood by the back door. Time for a rethink? Nah.

Without any coherent thinking or leadership in the face of a smart, popular and well-organised SNP, Labour in Scotland has come close to becoming a cipher for its biggest paymaster – Unite officials (the union’s actual members, mainly aspirational middle-class folk who find Unite officials laughable, vote mainly SNP and Tory these days). Jim Murphy, one of Labour’s most impressive MPs, came in as leader just a few months ago – far too late to change Labour’s fate at the general election.

Now Jim is standing down. This will leave Unite officials to decide who will become the new leader. ‘List’ MSPs who thought their number was up will survive by backing whichever dimwit Unite officials put up. Said dimwit will try to outflank the SNP on the left – hilariously and catastrophically. And the Labour Party in Scotland will say cheerio to serious politics.

Meanwhile, the SNP leadership knows that its enormously successful move from centre-right to centre-left over the past couple of years comes with the trickiness of demanding tax-raising powers that it knows will lead to them pissing off Scotland’s supposedly left-leaning middle-classes. Alex Salmond always knew how important it was not to lose such folk, so that’s exactly where the SNP’s opposition needs to be now – at the centre, not at the mental, self-indulgent, incoherent left.

Remember Grangemouth? Where a thousand workers on a basic annual salary averaging £55k, led by Unite’s cretins, voted themselves out of a job – oh, and also voted out of their jobs 5000 much lower-paid folk in the supply chain – folk the Scottish commentariat forgot all about? Those Grangemouth workers were mainly SNP and Tory-voting people who thought Unite officials would get them even better wages. Instead, it hung them out to dry. The officials did well out of it all. Because that’s their middle-class, personal purpose, ironically.

And remember the stupid giant rat, when tame Unite MSP Neil Findlay thought it was a laugh to support Unite activists standing in front of people’s homes, ridiculing them to their kids and neighbours? Is that what Labour in Scotland is about to become?

Rhetorical question, sadly.