16 Dec 2014
December 16, 2014

Other events…


A week after an incident involving me in a shop in London on 17 Oct, the Met police press-released the matter. Several details of the release – and therefore the subsequent reportage – were incorrect. The release also ensured that the witness was identified and his apparent evidence is available in the media. I posted this in to clarify.

Tonight, the Met has released the fact that the CPS has decided to charge me with 2 counts of common assault and one of damage to the shop. I will plead not guilty to all charges, although I accept that this will not stop nutters tweeting my ‘guilt’ in advance of a fair trial. I believe in putting my hand up when I’ve made a mistake (and yes, on occasion this has involved running out of hands).

On this occasion, I am sure I did not make a – or any – mistake. I am, however, happy to be judged by a court on behalf of the public and, actually, directly by the public too.

For now, the matter is sub-judice and will be heard before a magistrate without jury. I have complete confidence that justice will be done in court. I have the DVD of the CCTV coverage of the entire event – I imagine this will be shown in court and that journalists will be present so there will be no ambiguity whatsoever about what occurred.

The date for the initial hearing is 30 Dec and I understand it is likely that a trial date will be set then.

As I know most people, except the aforesaid nutters, will understand I will not offer further public comment on these matters until after the trial proper.