Amidst signs of a huge swing towards the SNP in Scotland, Labour is saying that a vote for the SNP is a vote for a UK Tory administration. This obviously false statement plays right into the hands of people who say Labour can’t be trusted. In fact, the SNP has cannily made it clear that they would not under any circumstances do a deal with the Tories.

The trouble for Labour is that with most pro-independence voters already in the SNP bag, the SNP is now successfully courting anti-independence voters who want to ‘protest’, somehow, against Labour. The quiet message from the SNP to such folk stresses the ‘No’ outcome of the referendum while making it clear that the SNP would help facilitate (likely though a confidence and supply arrangement) a Labour-led coalition.

So, hilariously, the SNP message to potential ‘protest’ voters is,”vote SNP, get Labour”.

Labour’s daft position is informed by its desire not to re-open the independence question. But the irony is that if the SNP cleans up the Scottish seats in 6 months, the independence question is most certainly back.

So Labour’s message to potential ‘protest voters’  should obviously be: “Vote SNP, get, you know, independence”. How can the SNP possibly counter that?