Here’s today’s ‘big’ story on the Northern Ireland ‘talks’ over parades and flags.  Here’s a report from yesterday. A deal over something or other is “extraordinarily close’, some American bloke in a suit says. Here’s a story from a few days ago, when the same bloke was apparently flying home. But now he’s back again. The bloke.. read more →

This Financial Times piece is fairly typical of this week’s extensive media coverage of an interesting Policy Exchange report on social class and public appointments. Here’s the Daily Mail’s take, saying, like the FT and everyone else, that the authors have “shown” that there are now only 25 “working-class” MPs compared to lots more in.. read more →

On a really good day this blog gets around 20,000 hits. That’s the same as the WEEKLY circulation of Scotland’s best-selling local, The Falkirk Herald. “Hang on”, say newspaper folk; “yon interwebby hits are a lot different from paid-for newspapers, matey”. Well, I couldn’t agree with that more. So when the same newspaper folk tell.. read more →

Today, the Scottish Sunday Mail, sister paper of the Daily Record, carries this editorial attack on Labour’s newly-selected Westminster candidate for Falkirk.  I don’t know Karen Whitefield very well but she’s known as a hard-working former MSP, is employed by the thoroughly decent union USDAW, she’s very personable and apparently spoke very well at the selection.. read more →