28 Oct 2013
October 28, 2013

Stephen Deans’ resignation


Grangemouth is moving into a phase where 1600 jobs at Ineos, and the many thousands more in the local supply chain, are more secure than they have been for years.  What workers need now is decent, intelligent representation.

For now, Stephen Deans’ resignation was inevitable, and it’s a shame anyone has to lose their job, but it does move things onto some larger questions.

Will the Labour Party re-open the inquiry into Falkirk’s selection-fixing by Deans? Will Unite’s Director of Legal Affairs, Howard Beckett, who organised ‘nasty stuff’ on Labour figures and wrote the script for the undermining of Labour’s inquiry, resign? Will Len McCluskey and Pat Rafferty, whose instructions Deans was following, accept responsibility for the worst ‘leadership’ in the history of the trade union movement? Will the politicians, who attended Grangemouth and encouraged Unite to lead workers into oblivion, apologise? Will Deans remain chair of Falkirk West Labour Party?

The answers to some of these questions are, I suppose, obvious.  Unite and the frightened Scottish politicians they sponsor won’t be coming clean anytime soon.  The largest question of all, though, is for Labour.  Unite has betrayed thousands of Falkirk workers by  putting juvenille Cuban flags and empty ideological rhetoric before them.  Can Labour have the courage to confront Unite’s leadership now?  Or are too many MPs and MSPs in just too deep?

It really is as simple as that.