The BBC is allowing earthier words before the ‘watershed’.  The Daily Telegraph’s and Daily Mail’s treatment is hilarious.

For 2 days (here’s Christina Odone today), the Telegraph’s been referring to S_ _ _ _ _ _ _.   In the paper version, it’s almost impossible to count the underscores. They’ve censored the word so much you can’t tell for sure what it is, even though the word itself is the central point of the articles.

There’s a few possibilities. There’s S_ _ _ _ _ _ _,  and S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and also S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (obviously, I’m not going to spew out the actual obscenities in this august blog).

The Daily Mail’s rides to the rescue, though.  Instead of actually saying the horrific words, it fills in more of the blanks and also provides a section of the shocking Holby City script involved – but appropriately censored with a black marker.

Yep, it might be 2013 but that’s no reason to let the f _ _ _ _ _ _ standards slip.