17 Jul 2013
July 17, 2013

The ‘Tory press’


I’ve noticed an uptick in pejorative references by Labour supporters to ‘the Tory press’.  I wonder what that signifies?

Labour’s been engaged in a war against the Murdoch papers for some time, obviously.  The hacking business seems to have morphed into a general hatred of a number of titles. So the Sun, The Sun on Sunday, The Sunday Times and the Times are out, I guess.  The Telegraph Group’s out too, of course.  So’s the Mail group – beyond the pale, right?  So’s the Express Group. In Scotland, support for the Tories is impossible for a mainstream newspaper, so The Sun and The Express support the SNP still.  The Guardian supported the Lib Dems in 2010 (remember ‘Vote Lib Dem get Tory’?) and so did the Observer and Indy titles.  The Evening Standard isn’t Labour’s either.  I’m pretty sure the Morning Star isn’t a fan.  So that leaves The Mirror in the UK and The Daily Record in Scotland.

So ‘the Tory press’ is pretty much all the newspapers minus two admittedly important red-tops.

Just a thought, this, but it might make sense for Labour supporters to consider whether it makes sense to continue demonising the press as ‘Tory’ and seeing constant attacks on Murdoch newspapers as a political virtue; or instead to take seriously the idea that it’s hard to win a general election with virtually the entire editorialised media against you.