Michael Crick, of Channel 4 News, is tweeting (@michaellcrick) what appears to be content from Labour’s report on Falkirk.  He also seems to have had a conversation with at least one of the potential candidates. He’s a great digger, so perhaps there’ll be some more tweets coming along soon.

The essence of his early tweets, is that Gregor Poynton, formerly a potential candidate, seems to have recruited 13 members, paid for on one cheque, during the run up to the putative selection.  This is entirely normal (albeit not on Unite’s enormous scale).  The Party has always encouraged recruitment in the run up to selections.  The key question is, of course, whether recruits actually know they’re recruits.  The allegation which centres on Unite, the one which led to Falkirk’s ‘special measures’,  is that some new ‘members’ seem not to have known they were recruits.

Unite were given sight of the report yesterday so perhaps they’re now speaking to journalists and trying to move the issue away from the central allegation, which is bogus recruits.

Certainly, Crick’s tweets should convince the Party that publication of the report (abridged, to protect those signed up/allegedly signed up) is essential.

NB: The Labour Party has now (1120, 3 May) denied that the report mentions recruitment by Gregor Poynton, I’ve been told.