29 Apr 2013
April 29, 2013



Today, I posted on twitter (@ericjoyce) that I’m not especially worried about bees.  Cue people who are terribly interested in bees to fire personalised abuse at me.  Don’t I know that bees are essential to the whole food chain and that everyone would die without them?  Why am I such an arsehole?  Have I gotten.. read more →

There’s a wee piece here about how it is possible for a listed company to be successful while being subtantially controlled by a few family personalities, but how sometimes this doesn’t work at all.  I don’t doubt the thesis, but the bank Santander is given as an example of the former.  That made me think. After.. read more →

I’ve been closely following the Jim McCormick, fake bomb detector, story over the last three years now.  With his court conviction yesterday, the reportage has mainly focussed on how McCormick fooled foreign buyers with his transparent lies.  We’ve all been incredulous that such obvious fakes could be palmed off on ‘foreigners’ – it’s all bordered.. read more →