For me, this is the key detail (2nd bullet point, chapter 3) in what seems to be a decent precis of today’s government ‘experts’ statement by BBC Scotland. To paraphrase, ‘an independent Scotland’s entry into the EU would not be straightforward’, is disingenuous and actually a bit pathetic.  I think Scots are best served by being within the EU, although it’s not a clear-cut case.  But this UK Gov piffle is depressing.

Lawyers and judges interpret the law; the courts apply it.  And a good job they do too.  They don’t tell us what the law should be, and these ‘experts’ are coming perilously close to the latter.  Politicians shouldn’t hide behind lawyers – that’s cowardly.

Here’s what I think are some key points.

We live in a proper democracy.  I hope we don’t vote this way, but…if Scots vote for independence in Europe then, since we live in a democracy, that’s what we’d get.

Otherwise, what would be the point of joining a Europe which would deny EU citizens (which all Scots would be) the protection of the European Convention of Human Rights and other institutions, on account of childish technicalities?  Ah, such conventions would apply anyway, detractors say.

Really? Scot’s wouldn’t be protected by the ECHR, but maybe they would?  Nonsense.

Some lawyers will sell their opinions for anything.  But scaremongering is beneath contempt.

If Scots voted for independence, it would be fine in Europe.  I hope we don’t. But not on the basis of a lie.