28 Feb 2013
February 28, 2013

Von Rompuy – Eurocodger

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The president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, one of three unelected presidents  in Bruxelles, has decided it’s time to bestow his wisdom upon us again.  And we should listen, right?  After all, he was once prime minister of Belgium for a few months; unelected, of course, and that of a country which can.. read more →

I sat on a sort of jury once.  It was was a General Court Martial; we behaved exactly as a jury but had additional powers of sentence.  We found the defendant guilty of murder and sentenced him to life imprisonment.  Unusually, the defendant didn’t have jury of his peers and yet served his sentence in.. read more →

For me, this is the key detail (2nd bullet point, chapter 3) in what seems to be a decent precis of today’s government ‘experts’ statement by BBC Scotland. To paraphrase, ‘an independent Scotland’s entry into the EU would not be straightforward’, is disingenuous and actually a bit pathetic.  I think Scots are best served by being.. read more →

04 Feb 2013
February 4, 2013

Gay Marriage, Bumming.


Let me knock Richard III and Chris Huhne off the top of the news – I’ll be voting for gay marriage in the UK’s House of Commons tomorrow.  If I could vote twice for it then I would (i.e. I could vote twice, but I would have to go both ways).  Why? Well, for me,.. read more →

I had a number of constituents opposing gay marriage at my surgeries this Friday.  They were all thoroughly decent folk of faith and it’s never nice to have to tell people you understand their strength of feeling but have to disappoint them, which I did.  They had different lines of argument but one, who has.. read more →