26 Jan 2013
January 26, 2013

Are Senior Army Women Going Backwards?

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  I might be wrong, but I think there may be no female one-star (Brigadier) officers in the mainstream British Army today.  That compares with at least three, and often more, in the very recent past. When The Women’s Royal Army Corps was disbanded a decade ago in favour of ‘maintstreaming’ women, several guaranteed Brigadier.. read more →

Here’s the full text of my letter in today’s (24 Jan) Falkirk Herald on the subject of Coalbed Methane extraction and fracking.  I’ve added links. Do comment.  On this occasion, although it’s obviously a national issue it’s clearly a local one too and the planning application referred to is the first of its type in.. read more →

There’s a vote in the Commons this Thursday on the idea of giving the vote to 16 year olds (and 17 year olds, obv).  The Scottish Government has done so for the Scottish referendum and my own instinct, no more than that, is that’s probably right.  But what’s struck me is how utterly crap the.. read more →

Jimmy Savile is looking like a worst-case scenario.  No doubt there are other  lesser players, and perhaps the cops will weed them out too.  But I can’t help feeling that the daily headlines are following an age-old pattern which in the end deceives the eye on the big stuff.  That’s not to criticise the papers,.. read more →

This week’s Sunday Telegraph includes an interview given by prime minister David Cameron to political columnist Matt D’Ancona.  The piece says the pm’s expressed determination to serve until 2020  has ‘quashed’ the idea that in the event of a Tory win in 2015 there would be a Tory leadership contest well before the following election… read more →