30 Apr 2011
April 30, 2011

Prince William to be King Arthur?

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Here’s a fun, post-Royal-wedding thought.  Is Prince William the future King Arthur?

I’ve been told, no idea by whom now, that Prince Charles is likely to adopt the name George (one of his middle names) when he ascends. Apparently, he’d like to honour  his grandfather, King George 6th (now of ‘Kings Speech’ fame) but will have a weather eye on avoiding reference to the interregnum between the previous two Charles’. (Moreover, all the previous George’s have been Kings of the UK – nice and tidy). So, King George 7th then.

But what of William?  King Billy? Don’t think that’s going to work! And quite apart from the sectarian implications, there’d be the additional thought that future sovereigns will likely want to avoid the trickiness presented by the general assumption that the current sovereign is Queen Elizabeth 2nd of the UK, which she obviously isn’t  (William would be the 2nd of UK, 5th of England and 3rd of Scotland and there’d be a royal scrap about which number he should adopt).

So,what are the options for William Arthur Phillip Louis?  Phillip – tricky Spanish antecedents.   Louis?  Too French.  Arthur?  Hang on, Arthur? Hasn’t there been one of those before?  Well, actually, no.  Henry 8th (of England)’s bro Arthur, Catherine of Aragon’s first husband, didn’t make it and the mythical King Arthur is just that.

So, the die is cast.  King Arthur it is.