18 Mar 2011
March 18, 2011


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The British National Party is advertising an event in the Falkirk area scheduled for tomorrow   It seems to be both a big social occasion and the launch of their Scottish campaign. Nick Griffin is, apparently, the keynote speaker. They’re a tiny bit secretive about the venue (!) but it’s widely rumoured to be The Inchyra Grange Hotel, which is part of the MacDonald Hotel chain.  I’ve spoken to the general manager there to check whether this is true and while he very politely explained that he client confidentiality forbade him to answer, when I asked him (twice) if he would accept a booking from the BNP he did make it clear that ‘MacDonald Hotels would ‘accept a booking from any political party’.  The fact that MacDonald Hotels would allow a booking frm the BNP (whether or not booked initally under a pseudonymn)  to go ahead is, to understate it, disappointing.

Perhaps it’s all just co-incidence and simply part of a venue bluff by the BNP.  If so, MacDonald Hotels would be well advised to be quicker off the mark.  But right now, in view of MacDonalds’ equivocation, it looks to me quite possible that the BNP event is indeed taking place there.  If that is the case, then this casts shame upon the whole MacDonald Hotels brand. 

It would be massively helpful, whether or not you come from the Falkirk area, if you could Tweet and email the general manager, Paul Bray, on gm.inchyra@macdonald-hotels.co.uk  to express your concern and to request that MacDonald Hotels refuse bookings from the British National Party.  Scotland has relatively few members of the BNP, mercifully, but that doesn’t stop Nick Griffin and his racist thugs trying to get a foothold.  Wherever these people rear their ugly heads, they need to be challenged face on. 

Thanks in advance for your support.