The media’s reporting that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s appeal against bail refusal will take place on Tuesday in London. It does seem to me, as a layperson, that the man is unlikely to abscond and on that basis may well be allowed out of jail while Sweden’s extradition request is considered by the UK authorities. Whatever happens, it’s to be hoped that beneath the maelstrom of interest in disputed (but nonetheless potentially serious) events in Sweden, some folk will agree that the governance and business questions raised by the Wikileaks phenomenon deserves early and serious debate.  To say the least. To that end, the Digital Economy All Party Group (DEAPPG) at the Houses of Parliament, which I am privileged to chair, has organised a meeting on the issue on the same day as Julian Assange’s hearing, Tuesday, 14 December.  We’ll have a prominent speaker from a Wikileaks perspective and one opposing, and also Jim Killock who runs the UK’s Open Rights Group (ORG).



We’ll use the Twitter hashtag #wikileaks  or #assange  and, if it all works out, we’ll project tweets from the internet onto the wall and speakers will be able to take questions through both means. There’s a third means, of course, but it’s by definition London-centric. You might want to actually come along. Everyone’s welcome but there’s a strict Health and Safety restriction on the number we can fit into the room, so if you’d like to attend please RSVP to book your place or get in touch with me for more information .  If you have the time, do please contribute either to the discussion live or on our website afterwards.  We’ll do a full report and put it on our website.  You’ll have to be cleared to read it though.  Joking.