I spent this morning in Kigale with Ignace Gatari, the phenomenally smart Rwandan ICT minister. Elsewhere, Gordon Brown (who recently joined the WWW Foundation) met Ignace’s boss, president Kagame, in New York to discuss the same thinrg-.Rwanda’s remarkable  response to the opportunities made possible by the digital economy.   Ignace described the how fibre-optic cables which every driver in Rwanda can see.. read more →

18 Sep 2010
September 18, 2010

Eric Joyce MP: #shadowcabinetelections


I thought I would share my letter to colleagues for the shadow cabinet elections, with you. Dear Colleague I know you’re getting bombarded with these, but I want to ask for your support in the Shadow Cabinet elections.  Let me explain why. These elections are generally cast as a chance for us to choose a.. read more →

12 Sep 2010
September 12, 2010

Foreign Policy and Gender-based Violence


In late July and early August, 500 Congolese women and children were systematically raped, mainly in a village called Luvungi. The reports mainly miss out the name of the group who orchestrated this latest in a long line of seemingly never-ending atrocities.  They’re called the FDLR and so far the international community has been completely.. read more →

There’s been quite a bit of comment (#deact on twitter) about Gordon Brown’s appointment to the Board of the Web Foundation. It’s been mainly negative, on account of the fact that that the DE Act is viewed by many as being a bit, er, rough around the edges.  It’s passage in the Commons was certainly.. read more →