31 Aug 2010
August 31, 2010

Why Politicians Lie about Drugs


Politicians lie about drugs because pretty much everyone else does. Along with a few trades union colleagues, I recently had a chat with President Santos of Colombia and the subject of you-know-what came up, as it does there.  It turns out that Scotland is the highest per capita consumer of cocaine in the world.  Scotland.. read more →

18 Aug 2010
August 18, 2010

Labour and Defence


I’ve written a piece for Labour Uncut today on Labour’s travails on Defence and Foreign Affairs.  In it, I argue that Labour’s leadership candidates should commit themselves to a Defence review which includes Trident.  I’ve had a few emails and Tweets already which argue that Labour shouldn’t revisit Trident as we had a vote in.. read more →

14 Aug 2010
August 14, 2010



Having spent the last wee while in a cave with no internet access (obviously not true) it’s time, I think, to end my blogging silence (note to world media). I’m sitting here writing a Defence and Foreign Policy piece for Sion Simon’s brilliant politics website Labour Uncut but, having read today’s stuff about the Tories.. read more →