04 Jul 2010
July 4, 2010

Ed Balls for Labour Leader


Tonight, Falkirk CLP nominated Ed Balls to be Labour Leader.  There was discussion broken into groups and friendly, funny, cynical and optimistic chat around candidates’ statements.  Dianne Abbot came out well on account of being best on telly, according to most folk.  David Miliband pushed Ed Balls, the eventual nominee,  quite close.  But in the end, members agreed that we need a leader who has a clear prospectus. Someone who will be visceral in their opposition to ideological public service cuts. Someone who doesn’t regard the Lib Dems as natural allies (has anyone, except The Guardian who’re in pseudo-intellectual denial, spotted that the Lib Dems are part of the brutal cuts right now?).    And do you know what?  Pretty much everyone here thinks Gordon Brown’s a decent man who will be credited in history with a lot more than he is right now.  This weekend, 300 people near Bukavu in the Congo were killed by an exploding petrol tanker.  That’s a function of a failure of the international community to take development seriously.  No country in the world’s delivered on international development.  Except the UK with Gordon as chancellor and prime minister.  With Ed Balls sitting on his shoulder prepared to commit some adrenalin to the cause right now.  That’s reason enough for folk in these parts.  So, Ed Balls is our man.  Let’s see what happens next.