15 May 2010
May 15, 2010

Parliamentary Group on DEAct


I blogged below about the DEAct and said if re-elected I’d organise an all-party group to campaign at Westminster for the obvious change required.  All-party groups are essentially all about MPs who have a common interest in a topic; they work across party boundaries to further particular aims and to form they need at least 10 members from the government side and 10 from the opposition benches.  They have to form after the Queens Speech, so I’m organising a meeting for the day of the Queens Speech itself (25 May).

Some MPs of all parties who’ve paid close attention to the deficiencies of the DEAct have already contacted me; we’re already a small but entirely cross-party bunch.  But there are lots of new members who are unlikely to be up to speed and have many other challenges (mainly administrative) at the start of their parliamentary careers.  New members don’t have offices yet, so that means some can be hard to contact through the parliamentary system.

It’s important that the group gets off to a fast start, that way we can have a big, and early, influence on the new government’s policy.  So  it’d be enormously helpful if folk would contact their MP and ask them to email me their intention to join the new All Party Group on the Digital Economy (new members are already on the parliamentary system, and their email address tends to be surname, followed by first initial, followed by @parliament.uk.  My parliamentary email addresses is joycee@parliament.uk.  Quite a few MPs twitter and/or use facebook too.  And don’t forget peers, if you know of any who might be keen to join (I’m approaching ones who spoke in the Lords during the committee stage of the DEBill.

Where an MP gets a number of contacts from constituents, they’re likely to pay close attention to what they’re being asked to do, so your contacts will have an important effect.

Once the group is formed, we’ll widen the scope and involve everyone.

Thanks in advance.