This seems like a timely moment to make a few things clear about myself in public.  Ever since I was aware of my own sexuality, still at primary school, I knew I was attracted to a certain type of person.  And over the years, in truth nothing’s changed.  In these relatively enlightened days, while sexuality.. read more →

15 May 2010
May 15, 2010

Parliamentary Group on DEAct


I blogged below about the DEAct and said if re-elected I’d organise an all-party group to campaign at Westminster for the obvious change required.  All-party groups are essentially all about MPs who have a common interest in a topic; they work across party boundaries to further particular aims and to form they need at least.. read more →

Here’s today’s Observer editorial.  Essentially, it argues that Nick Clegg has no choice but to join with Labour now.  I hope Clegg does make that choice, but The Observer’s piece is so eliptical in it’s search for self-justification it ends up being nonsensical; intellectually dishonest even. The ‘Vote Clegg get Cameron’ line was rubbished by the.. read more →

Here’s what I think.  Cameron can’t do a deal on electoral reform.  He’s too weak right now and his new Hannan-style MPs won’t let him.  Boris is salivating. Nick Clegg can’t do a proper deal with the Tories because his MPs, and most members, won’t let him do that either.  And I doubt he want.. read more →