Following my last, I’ve had a few calls so I thought I’d make a short update.

IPSA has announced that staff pensions and one or two other things, like childcare vouchers, will now come directly from MP’s staffing allowances, but the allowances won’t be increased to take this into account.  This seems to mean a reduction in staffing allowances of 10%.  IPSA isn’t the employer – MP’s are told we are and the House of Commons seems to think it might be too.  But it’s hard to see how the House of Commons, or MPs, could be legally liable for a decision in which neither is the controlling mind.  If the House of Commons is indeed the employer, then there’s a legal requirement for consultation before job cuts/redundancies are made.  I’ve spoken to the House of Commons today and they literally don’t know.  They’re now asking lawyers.

Funnily enough, I can’t ask IPSA.  They’ve put their MP’s inquiry line on answerphone and are not ringing back.  I was promised an email yesterday, none yet.  And they’re not returning calls.

Can it really be that the chair of IPSA can make a unilateral decision, the key implication of which is job and pay cuts, without any responsibility as an employer; without any requirement to consult staff; without having clarified who has what legal duties?