NB: This blog was set up before the dissolution of parliament, after which there are no MPs. Until the election, I’ll be posting at www.ericjoyce.co.uk. When parliament returns, regardless of who’s in power, the DE Act will be revisited – all the parties have agreed that it has flaws which urgently need correcting. How can.. read more →

07 Apr 2010
April 7, 2010

#DE Bill Vote, 7 April


Been watching  #debill #38degrees #deb on Twitter, and a bunch of great references by lots of tweeple. Thought I’d clarify a couple of points of process, for anyone interested. There’ll be a one hour debate at close of play tonight, maybe around midnight.  It’ll constitute the Committee Stage and Third Reading (instead of the 50.. read more →

So the Digital Economy  Bill (#debill) got through its second reading without a vote.  Nobody doubts there’s a lot of good stuff in it.  But, equally, no-one doubts either that it’s flawed and that thousands and thousands of folk have said exactly why. Obviously it’s a Labour Bill, and obviously the govt and Tories have.. read more →

The next working day  at the House of Commons, Tuesday, will see the DE Bill passed unamended, passed amended or put off until the next parliament.  I’ve blogposted about his below, and it’s obviously the case that the Bill should ideally be fully exposed to the formal scrutiny of the Committee Stage and then a.. read more →

Following my last, I’ve had a few calls so I thought I’d make a short update. IPSA has announced that staff pensions and one or two other things, like childcare vouchers, will now come directly from MP’s staffing allowances, but the allowances won’t be increased to take this into account.  This seems to mean a.. read more →

Sir Ian Kennedy, chair of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) announced the rules on parliamentary allowances on Monday.  There was much media comment and various aspects of the new arrangements.  Sir Ian, and Sir Christopher Kelly who put Sir Ian’s template together, have made much of how the total cost of MPs will be.. read more →