The Digital Economy (DE) Bill, #debill on Twitter,  will have its second reading in the House of Commons on 6 April.  Second readings are general debates, always followed by a detailed committee stage attended by a representative sample of nominated MPs and which, in the case of the DE Bill, might reasonably be allocated 40 or more.. read more →

Take a look at this clip.  It’s the thoroughly decent Phil Woolas MP, Home Office minister, having his head kicked in by Joanna Lumley.  Albeit a lot of men would pay good money to get Joanna to stare at them like that from so close up.  Not that I’m suggesting she’d charge for that kind.. read more →

20 Mar 2010
March 20, 2010



A lot of people got in touch after my last blogpost, about John’s death.  Thanks; it was sweet and moving. Isn’t social media a marvel? Just to neutralise the karma, though, I thought I’d post on the lighter side of death.  So what I’m thinking is how important The Dead vote will be at the.. read more →

18 Mar 2010
March 18, 2010

My Friend John


Came back a little while ago from a Rosary vigil.  I’m not RC and had no idea what that was until tonight, really. I knew, too little and too late, this lovely man called John.  It’s his real name and he died last week of, pretty much, old age. He was 45.  John lived alone.. read more →

14 Mar 2010
March 14, 2010

All women candidate selelections


Pamela Nash has just been selected as Labour candidate for Airdrie and Coatbridge. She beat Jo Milligan, whom I worked with for years (don’t think she’s spilling the beans quite yet, but obv I have to keep on her good side!) and Cathy Dick, a former local councillor.  Pamela is a young woman of unusual.. read more →

14 Mar 2010
March 14, 2010

More on the Lib Dems, I’m afraid

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The Tory MP for Lancaster and Wyre is quoted on the front page of today’s Scottish edition of the Sunday Times today as the Scottish spokesperson for the Conservatives. Under a Tory administration, he’d be the minister for Scotland. Nick Clegg’s proposition is that Lib Dem voters in Scotland are unconcerned whether he would support.. read more →

I’ve just been lounging about reading the Guardian. The best bit of the Saturday Guardian, I think, is The Guide. And the best bit of The Guide is often  The Hard Sell, on p.3, which is a usually-hilarious take on a telly advert.  It’s been a funny old week, for me anyway, so I thought.. read more →

Sitting in Basra after a day of watching elections.  Some violence in Baghdad, but not here.  Pretty much just people enthusiastic to vote and decent local administrators running decent polling stations.  Turnout above 60%?  There’s deep sadness that folk have died, partly at my own cheerleading. Yet some cautious optimism that while religion has played.. read more →

02 Mar 2010
March 2, 2010

Charlie Brooker

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Charlie Brooker’s one of the reasons I buy The Guardian.  He has, I think anyway, natural skills as a writer (and there’s a lot of competition) and is a quirky, funny and penetrating observer of the things which animate our lives. Writers tell us more about our lives than any daft scientist finessing data in.. read more →